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Welcome to www.thangkagallery.com

ThangkaGallery.com is owned by Tibetan Thangka & School of Thanka Painting. It is an online Thangka showcase or an art gallery for all kinds of Thangka paintings like Tibetan Thangka, Newari Thangka and Japanese Thangka. The owner of this site is the most reputed Thangka Artists in Nepal. Our website offers a selective collection of authentic Tibetan Thangka paintings.

Tibetan Thangka School is the manufacture and wholesalers and distributor of the finest thangka in different monastery and shop in Nepal. We have been exporting our outstanding Thangka to numbers of shops all over the world as well as in our retail store in Katmandu. We are located in Thamel Chowk; Katmandu. Tibetan Thangka School is founded by Akka Lama. During his 14 years of experience in Tibetan Art. He is inspired by his Father who is also a Thangka Artist.

His main aim is to support many artists and makes Tibetan authentic arts. 

Many of Nepali artist are making Thangka only to earn money but they do not think about saving Tibetan authentic art. Mr. Lama has been requesting many Nepalese artists not to destroy Tibetan art and culture and to make Thangka in the Traditional way. He thinks that his encourage will save Tibetan authentic art and culture but he needs help from Many of You. Read More

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