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Charity in Nepal

Charity in Nepal by Thangka Gallery


Akka Lama came from rural village of Rajbash on 1997 for higher education. His 3 years University education and works at Thangka Shop in Thamel tourist market help him to fallow his dreams back to village and Support many poor children and women for their education and health.


Akka met Stephane and Isabelle (Switzerland) at Thangka Store in July 2000.they promise to support Akka’s vision .Once they back to Switzerland sent 100 of Kilo 2nd hand clothes, School Suppliers to distribute at many Different Village and School. Akka and 6 His Friend registered Charity with Nepal Government .DCWC (Development of Children and Women Center) same year 2000 Akka met with Joey and Simone from USA at his Thangka store. They support financial to set of Small charity Office in Kathmandu. It brings more encouragement and responsibility for Charity.


Akka Met with Gary Collier (UK) at Thangka store his travel way back from Tibet. After long conversation about Thangka Paintings and Charity. Gary became interested and registered DCWC NEPAL in UK 2004 to support Education and Health. You can find more here www.dcwcnepal.org


I knew Tomas Beranek (Czech Republic) since 1999.He used to bring many tourists for Tibet, Nepal and India Tours. When he stops in Nepal he used to bring many tourists to have Knowledge of Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Paintings at Akka’s Thangka Store. Akka start to talk with Tomas Barenek about charity possibility of help for poor children and women of Nepal. It took little longer time to make decision but finally He decides to register Charity in Czech Republic Namaste Nepal-DCWC-CZ year of 2005.You can find more here www.namastenepal.cz


Akka met Steve Gross at Himalayan Fair, Berkeley USA in 2009.Akka was staying at Patrick Graney’s House at Walnut Creek and Mariah Deleon’s House at Alamo. During the Himalayan Fair Steve Gross came to know about thangka paintings. We exchange our e-mail and start to talk about Charity. He became very interested to do charity work. He joined Charity Trek to Annapurna Base camp to raise money to build Pharmacy Building at DCWC Community Hospital which was host by Patrick Grany. Steve invite Akka to stay his beautiful House at Oakland during his Himalayan fair 2011.Steve and Jeanette decided to have DCWC in USA in may 2011 to support Education, Health and Ambulance for Dcwc Community Hospital. You can find more here www.dcwc-us.org


Since Year of 2000 Akka and his Friends continue distribution of clothes and school Suppliers .Build school at Remote Village doing health Camp many Village as possible.
Today year of 2011.we have Build 21 School, 15 Bed Community Hospital and Sponsor over 200 Children.
Thank you for all charity team in Nepal and the people from around the world who involved making it happen all the work for poor children and women of Nepal
The DCWC Village Community Hospital was established on September 2010 with the financial assistance from Development of Children and Women Centre (DCWC) Nepal, UK, MODUS UK, Namaste Nepal, Czech Republic and Pharmacy building was billed by Group of American people who made Annapurna Charity treks 2011. Which are managed and operated by Development of Children and Women Centre, Nepal and local people of Nagre Gagarche Village Development Committee, Kavre District of Nepal.
The main objective of this community hospital is to provide the basic health services to poor people in the vicinity areas to save the lives of poor people as there is no such access run by the government or any other institutions. We urgently need ambulance to save many 1000 people life. If anybody likes to donate
Money for Ambulance please visit www.dcwcnepal-us.org

 If you are from United kingdom please contact at DCWC NEPAL, Unit K7 Snowdon Road, St Annes on sea,Lancashire,FY8 3DP UK Tel:01253 712917 e-mail:mail@dcwcnepal.org  
If you are from Czech Republic Please Contact at Namaste Nepal (DCWC-CZ) Os, Jilovska 1150/41,14200 Praha-4,Czech Republic Tel:129929929 E-mail:info@namastenepal.cz

If you are from USA please contact at DCWC NEPAL US Steve & Jeanette Gross 6206 Contra Cost Road, Oakland, CA 94618
E-mail: stevegross@earthlink.net cell: 510-409-1507 or jeanetteg2@mac.com cell: 510-409-9774